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33 Browns Valley Rd
Corralitos, CA, 95076
United States


The Corralitos Woman's Club is actually open to both men and women. The facility, which is located in a really nice area of Watsonville, is available for rental, for memorials, weddings, Sweet Sixteen parties and any other sort of party. There is a spacious main room with ample backyard space. The parking lot is not huge, but there is plenty of street parking. Maximum occupancy is 150. CALL LINDA WILDEY at 768-9880

About our Club

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History and Background


In 1920, several women from Corralitos chatted about their activities since the end of World War I. During the war their efforts had been directed  towards helping the soldiers. They met at one another's homes: folding bandages, knitting and sewing. But now they wanted to continue to be productive in other areas. So that is exactly when Mrs. Selleck, Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Davis decided to organize a community club where, despite issues with transportation and a meeting location, the genesis of a service organization was born.  

With no paved roads in Corralitos, and nowhere but the inconvenient Farm Bureau Hall to meet in, local women elected officers and planned future events.. Dues were fifty cents!

During the next World War, while working towards assisting soldiers, the women decided it was time to have their own clubhouse and so that is when they began funding and building their own meeting place nestled under the redwoods near the creek. By 1952 they were done, but the work of landscaping, adding amenities to the grounds to improve its value, and annual fundraising continues to this day. 

Depending on the interests of the members, they fund various local and national charities.. The women also enjoy personal parties and educational lectures. Corralitos, unique for its small and friendly community has only a few stores and parks. The Woman's Club is an important feature of community life, news, parties, scholarships and services.





The Fruits of Fundraising

*     Two $1500 Scholarships were awarded local Watsonville college bound students

*     37 'Smiles Bags' of supplies were donated to children who have received facial surgery to repair birth defects 

*     Watsonville Animal Shelter received a donation for $424

*     Members donated and volunteered at the Pajaro Valley Historical Association 

*     Community Newsletter was sent to 1500 residents three times a year

*     Blankets for Veterans were donated for use by individuals in wheelchairs

*     30 health and beauty packs, 103 items of recycled jewelry, and 7 smart phones - donated to Watsonville Women's Crisis Center

*     Members tutor at Watsonville's after school program, Youth Now Center.

*     Members volunteer and donate to CASA 

*     1 afghan and 3 lap robes for Paul Newman's Turtle Camp for Children 

*     $3000 donation plus goods to Grey Bears in Santa Cruz 

*     We sponsored two local high school girls to attend the Northern California Youth Leadership Conference Seminar

*     3 local grammar school children won a total of $100 for essay contest submissions

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Our Roots: Loma Prieta District #9

“To Serve is our Privilege, To Find the Way Our Responsibiity” .......................... Mrs. Whitaker, 1925
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